27 November, 2006

Traveling to Interlaken - Switzerland

We took the train from Bern to Interlaken. Since we took the Standard train, we missed out on the souvenir keychains that are given on the tourist trains. Never mind... we traveled for a much lesser price.

The train made its way through the beautiful little towns Brienz, Thun, Spiez, Lauterbrunnen to reach Interlaken OST. We rode in the standard car as the panoramic cars are quite expensive. The standard cars have regular windows with smaller field of vision, in comparison to the panoramic cars. They have windows that genearally can be opened for unobstructed view. Unfortunately we weren't aware of this and so most of the pictures that we took have come with a glare :(.

With the total population of the country being only about 75,23,934 (July 2006) it is not too surprising to see very small villages. In some places the village had only about 10 houses. We couldn't see human habitation for miles at times. We would point out to each other when we saw anybody in a village :).

The tourists can hop off at any station, explore the village and then take the next train to their destination. No booking in advance is required and so you can explore the village at your own pace. M and me wanted to stop over at Spiez and try wind surfing. But we decided against it as we wouldn't have sufficient time in Interlaken. Also MK and his wife would probably not be able to go surfing with us :(. It was getting dark and we had to reach Interlaken before it became totally dark. So we decided to hire a bicycle and ride back to Spiez the next day if we had sufficient time.

We reached Interlaken OST station by 6 in the evening....

View from Interlaken hostel

More to follow...


pavan kumar said...

awesome locales+pics, but the window reflection could be seen..

Vinutha and Lingaraj said...

the pics r wow... reminds of my favourite movie DDLJ.... ahhhh!!! i wanna go to europe.

Casey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Pavan.
Vin, you can come visit me in London and I shall take you to Europe :)... what say?

Unknown said...

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