11 January, 2011

Hatheesing temple - Ahmedabad

Hathee Singh temple is a very famous Shwetambar Jain temple constructed in 1848-1850AD by a rich Jain merchant Kesarisingh Hatheesing (Some sources mention the name as Maganbhai Hutheesing) at a whopping cost of Rs 10 lakh. It was designed by Premchand Salat and is dedicated to Dharmanath, the fifteenth Jina or Jain apostle.

The temple is an architectural marvel built in beautiful white marble. The temple is a double storied construction that has a dome on the front side. The other two sides of the temple consist of lavishly carved out galleries. The temple has a cemented courtyard enclosed by a row of cloisters and has 52 shrines in its spacious courtyard. Each of the shrines consists of an image of a Tirthankara.

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