10 December, 2006

Kleine Scheidegg - Switzerland

Kleine Scheidegg means "minor watershed". This pass lies between the mountains Eiger and Lauberhorn and connects Grindelwald with Lauterbrunnen. The watershed lies between the catchment areas of the Weiss (white) Lütschine river in the Lauterbrunnen valley and the Schwarze (Black) Lütschine flowing through the Grindelwald valley. The different sediments from each valley gives the waters their different colours. Tourists board the Jungfrau Railway at Kleine Scheidegg to travel to Jungfraujoch.

Impressions of Kleine Scheidegg are dominated by the spectacular views of the 4000m high peaks of the Jungfrau and Mönch and the proximity of the awe-inspiring Eiger North wall.

The two old-world Scheidegg hotels Bellevue (1842) and Des Alpes (1896)

Zara sa jhoom loon mein
arre naa re na re naa...
Zara sa ghoom loon mein
arre naa re na re naa..

One of the many such memorable songs shot in Swiss Alps...

I am not sure if the song was picturised some place near Kleine Scheidegg, but the picturesque town(the small settlement here doesn't qualify for even a hamlet)reminded us of the movie "Dilwale dulhaninya le jaayenge".

We had taken a direct train from Grindelwald to Jungfraujoch but were fortunate enough to miss the direct train back to Grindelwald. We had boarded the train to Kleine Scheidegg while returning to Interlaken and this had provided the opportunity to spend a few mintues in this romantic little place.


Vinutha and Lingaraj said...

photos r gud and u look chooo cute

Vinutha and Lingaraj said...

i liekd the first photu the best.. but there is a pole in the left hand side.. i wish it weren't there

Casey said...

Vin[Comment 1] Thank you vin :).

Vin[Comment 2] I wish that too :(. I wanted to edit the photograph and crop it off but then realised it meant cropping off a bit of the beautiful cloud too :)... so I didn't crop it...

Shiva GK said...

Nice snaps and places are marvelleous.
Yeah, I'm sunand friend who is staying in Bangalore. who is part of KMA, social activites,etc,etc... even i was part of these events untill before i landed in UK!

Heard that you have been a good traveller around places here..Can you pls tell me some interesting trekking spots in this area?

Thanks & Regards,