08 October, 2006

Indian Porcupines

Name: Indian Porcupine

Weight: 11 - 18Kg

Length: Head and body measure 70 -90 cms in length. Tail is additional 8 -10 cm. The hair is modified to form multiple layers of spines. Each quill is brown or black in colour with alternating bands of white. Quills near the neck and shoulder are the longest measuring 15 - 30 cm.

When irritated or alarmed, the Indian porcupine raises its quills and rattles the hollow spines on its tails. If the disturbance continues, it launches a backward attack and clashes its rear against the offending animal. This drives the spines deep into the enemy and often leads to sever injury or death. Quite often the quills are dislodged and remain in the victim.

Diet: Vegetables, fruits, grains and roots. They also chew on bones for minerals (calcium) that help their spines grow.

Reproduction: Gestation lasts for 240 days. The young are born with their eyes open and they have short soft quills. Brood size is 2-4. Indian Porcupines are monogamous with both parents being found in the burrow with their offsprings throughout the year.


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